Front, Vocals, Guitar, Harmonicas, Percussion for top 40 group THE HEADLINZ. This group toured the Midwest & Eastern U.S.

Drums, Vocals for rock group STILETTO.

SELF Freelanced - Drums for small jazz groups & variety bands. In September, David performed at the Broom Corn Festival with country artist Naomi Hills.

Starting that December, Drums & Vocals for variety dance rock group THE FAMILY and Drums for power blues band THE GROOVE GENERALS. Both bands featured guitarist Keith Harden and

Duke Tumato & the All Star Frogs keyboardist Jimmy Hill.

Drums & Vocals for three high energy band SELF SERVICE. This band tour the eastern half of the U.S.

Front, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards & Percussion for kickin' rock 'n blues group RED SHOES.

Front, Drums, Vocals for the Top 40 dance group One Eyed Jacks. With this band David spent six weeks in Kodiak, Alaska.








SELF SERVICE with Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers.

Jim Foley & the Stone Country Band had a song list of over 900 songs. This group released material on Blue Orchid Records as well was the core group behind 1959 (the Old Time Rock & Roll Band)

Drums & Vocals for the variety band Freestyle.

Drums and Vocals for the variety band One Step Higher. Performances included the Vermillion County Fair (Georgetown, IL).

Parkland College Jazz Band performance making news.




Drums, Vocals & Harmonica for the Top 40 dance rock group PUSH.

In February, David returned back to the Drums & Vocals for the band RED SHOES.

1959 (the Old Time Rock & Roll Band) was a tight ten piece 50's & 60's show band. This group released a 45rpm record along with a 14 song album of classic songs of that era. The group also appeared on an episode of CBS's PM Magazine. in September on WCIA TV Champaign, Illinois.